Taipei, 2nd January 2019, In response to the innovation and development initiative of the Taiwanese companies, “Corporate Innovation Competitiveness Forum” was successfully held in Taiwan, hosted by the Taiwan Business Leaders Club, Taiwan Corporate Industrial Economics Association, and Leader Capital Corp. The CEO of Health Plus Biomedical Limited, Zhuo, general manager of Taiwan Flow Power Enterprises Co., Ltd, Xu, and the vice president of GreenPro Capital Corp, Vincent Tan, were invited to share their experiences and advice during the forum on the topic of “Blue Ocean Strategy”.

Zhuo, as the CEO of Health Plus, concluded the overall performance of the company since its establishment, he also shared the company’ achievements in innovation and technology in the medical field up till now. He stressed that the success of a company can be strongly affected by the external environment and tech trend, internal culture, and competitiveness, and also the company’s self-development.

The second distinguished speaker Vincent Tan from GreenPro emphasized that without innovation, no improvement can be seen in companies’ development. Dedicated to assisting the companies in capitalizing their value globally, GreenPro has already assisted more than 30 companies to get public listed in the international capital market. The capital market plays an important role in the innovation of these emerging companies because it provides more opportunity in the fund-raising channel, promoting brand image and new inventions, attain talents and more.

Vincent added the financial institution can serve the individual/companies better in fulfilling their financial needs with the existence of Fintech, especially artificial intelligence and blockchain which are rapidly growing throughout the past few years, greatly accelerating the formation of new financial ecosystem today. While adhering to the core philosophy, GreenPro always grasps the opportunity and trend by exploring the new financial services, and ADAQ (online financial information market) is one of the latest platform introduced by GreenPro.

Trademarked in 2014 and officially launched in November 2018, ADAQ is a platform dedicated to equipping emerging high-growth companies in Asia Pacific region with the guidance and information to identify, build and stream their sustainable core values. Besides, it offers an acceleration program to incubate and assist companies to fast-track their access to the international capital market such as New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). Throughout the program, different parties will be brought in, ranging from major accounting firms, law firms, and corporate advisors, to further assist their sustainable development. In summary, ADAQ has 3 major functions namely: Corporate Value Building Program, Accelerator to International Capital Market Listing and online financial information market. The industry leaders, representatives and professionals from Taiwan participated in the forum, are aggressively looking for better methods and opportunity to contribute to Taiwan’s innovation landscape.

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