Financial services company GreenPro Capital Capital Corp assists and supports businesses and High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) to capitalize their value on a global scale. With more than 30 years in the finance industry, GreenPro Capital began as a small financial services company providing corporate advisory services and cross-border IPO listing services to help clients get listed in the United States. Its services include corporate advisory, global venture capital, trust asset protection, global fund asset management, and wealth management. The company is also an expert in the cross-border listing, tax planning, and corporate restructuring.

GreenPro Capital also consists of some of the most skilled and sought-after corporate advisors in Asia. With a proven ability to solve the most complex corporate issues, the company aims to assist clients in capitalizing their values and nurturing growth by providing proficient advice to maximize their value. GreenPro Capital has successfully helped many clients get listed on the OTC Markets, including itself. The company is currently listed on NASDAQ Exchange since June 18, 2018, with a market capitalization of about $598 million.

GreenPro Capital invests in entrepreneurs who encompass a strong passion for innovation as a powerful disruptive force for market businesses. Equipped with wide understanding and skill, GreenPro Capital is capable of analyzing and identify appropriate capital that fits a client’s business goal in today’s dynamic environment. The company’s goal is to create global value for its clients by providing them with the solutions and tools to maximize their wealth. Currently, GreenPro Capital has strategic offices across the Asia Pacific region, which includes Kuala Lumpur, Taipei City, Bangkok, Shenzhen, and Australia. For its development into a multi-million dollar company, GreenPro Capital won the 4th Hong Kong Business National Business Awards for Advisory.

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