Chengdu, 19th April 2019, the first GreenPro Capital New Asia Economic Forum was held in Chengdu, China. Enterprises, experts, investment institutions and related governments from the world’s top financial, technology, internet and other fields gathered together to discuss the deepening development of the new economic industry in the new Asian era and witnessed the GreenPro Southwest headquarters. Officially launched. The forum was co-organized by GreenPro Capital Group (NASDAQ: GRNQ) and Sichuan Radio and Television College, and co-organized by Sichuan Gangtai Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.

The New Asia Economic Forum is a community where new economic enterprises from Asian countries and regions gather and exchange. It is called “Creating a New Asian Economic Innovation and Development and Capital New Pattern Forum”. The Asia New Economic Forum was founded by the GreenPro Capital Group in conjunction with the local government and enterprises in Chengdu. Its purpose is to focus on the elites and capital of the new economic industry and jointly explore the new trends in international economic development. The value of emerging enterprises will build, reshape and integrate domestic and overseas resources. The road to the international capital market.

The 2019 New Asia Economic Forum was held in China for the first time. It is not only unprecedented thinking, but its convening is also of extraordinary significance. From around the world, industry leaders from many countries and regions including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia gathered in Chengdu for the first time to share industry best practices and explore the future of new economic enterprises in China and Asia. This forum brings together the top figures in the global financial industry. In addition, Mr. C.K Lee, founder and president of GreenPro Capital Group, Dr. Loke, Strategic Advisor of GreenPro Capital Group, and CEO of Agape, Dr. How, Mr. Vincent Chen, Senior Vice President of GreenPro Capital Group, and Ms. Amy Xu, Investment Director of GreenPro Capital Group, delivered keynote speeches.

The transformation and development of the new economic industry is undoubtedly the biggest focus, and it is the focus of the participants. Mr. C.K. Lee, founder, and president of GreenPro Capital Group shared the theme of the current new Asian capital structure and the international capital market situation. He said the current world economic trend tends to the Asian economy and form a new Asian new trend. Global trends, national policy support, and social pain points will be the biggest driving force for the rise of new Asia. Under the “One Belt and Road” initiative, many emerging companies have emerged in China, and China is leading the global new economic industry. Talking about the development trend of the new economic industry, CK also said that the new economic enterprises should correctly use the strategic role of “One Belt, One Road” to obtain international resources, capital, contacts, and opportunities, and realize the recognition and construction of their own values.

ADAQ is jointly organized by GreenPro Capital Group (NASDAQ: GRNQ), Malaysian National Information and Communication Association (PIKOM), and SEATech Ventures Corp. to serve emerging companies in Asian countries. It is an important window for Asian companies to dock international resources and comprehensively enhance their own value perception and construction, financing capabilities and capital operation capabilities, and achieve rapid securitization and sustainable development.

For the new economic enterprises to effectively use the Asian investment and ADAQ to form a value-building system, through international resources and capital, to effectively solve the bottleneck of the development of the enterprise, Mr. Vincent Tan, senior vice president of GreenPro Capital, mentioned in his speech that Asia is inclusive. ADAQ will create a complete value-building system for new economic enterprises, deepen value investment, share international resources, capital and innovation trends; assist high-quality industries, enterprise resources to accurately connect, carry out in-depth and effective cooperation; promote new economic enterprises to international capital Stage, to maximize the value of the company.

According to the plan, the new Southwest Headquarters will set up three functional centers: the GreenPro Specialized Investment Incubation Center, the “One Belt and One Road” Southwest Road Performance Center, and the GreenPro Capital Capital Greater China Southwest Headquarters Center. Asia Investment ADAQ is positioned as “Building an Entrepreneurship + Financial Ecosystem” and adopts the strategy of “please come in and go out” as a strategy to gradually transform Chengdu into the “three most” cities: the most densely populated cities in the world, and the most favored global capital. The city and the city with the closest global resources will further realize the country’s first overseas listed cluster center, help support more local entrepreneurial enterprises to incubate and grow and carry out capital international securitization.

At present, China’s economic transformation provides a good environment for the development of new economic industries. The new economic industry has unlimited potential in the future. The Asian investment in ADAQ has settled in Chengdu, China, and it has also brought a global display image to China’s new economic enterprises. Investment, cooperation opportunities. At present, smart technology is leading the trend, and the future of China’s new economy may create a new era.

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